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Out Of Order 1.0

A really crazy and original game from a really crazy and original guy
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Out Of Order (OOO) is a small personal project started years ago in BASIC. Its original title was "The Fantastic Adventures of Hurford Schlitzting". The author tells us on his web page how the game was evolving while he adopted more advanced tools to build it, like PACkAGE, and finally SLUDGE (Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment).
So this version built in the mentioned tool brings you an exciting and funny game about a young man that awakes in the middle of the night and starts experiencing really weird things: a raging storm suddenly stops, he switches the lights on and discovers that his room looks somewhat different. But when he tries to come out...the door slides up, and he discovers a strange new world!

So, your mission consists in guiding this funny guy with in weird slippers and green robe, to find out the only truth: what's going on here!
It's worth mentioning that the graphics and music are not the best thing I've ever seen (or heard) but anyway I guarantee that you will spend a really good time with this game!

Review summary


  • You will laugh even during the installation process


  • Graphics are quite simple, but what the hell, it's so funny
  • No translations available
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